What Makes Jan-Cape Different ?

Jan-Cape is a small, family owned business, that has been Cleaning the capE, AND SURROUNDING AREAS, for MANY years now. We have pride in the fact that we are a young company, looking to show businesses how determined we are to impress, and clean the hell out their FLOORS.


We separate ourselves from the competition by working with our customers, and determining their needs. 

Our story 

I grew up in foster care, always wanting to own, and run a business. 

I met my beautiful wife when we were teenagers, than later in our mid 20's, we got married and had 2 children. 

I then started  Jan Cape, while living in our small apartment . 

Our 3rd son was born with a condition that left him blind, and severely cognitively disabled. 

Why am I saying this?

All while we had to go through this. 

Our clients floors, continued to shine like the buckingham palace. 

If you had any doubts if we would keep your floors clean. 

We have passion 

we the determination 

to make your flors shine no matter what! 




Tel: 508-316-5568


Sagamore, MA 02532


Proudly by Jan-Cape